Caya Contraceptive Gel

Contraceptive gel based on lactic acid and cellulose

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Only the combination of both diaphragm and gel gives you a reliable contraceptive.

Before inserting the diaphragm, Caya Gel is to be applied generously into the cervical cup and onto the external rim of the diaphragm.

When used correctly and given the right positioning of the diaphragm, the cellulose of Caya Gel creates another physical barrier in front of your cervix. At the same time, the acidic pH value of the gel ensures that sperm cells are deactivated.

Combining the barrier effect of the diaphragm’s silicone membrane with the double effect of the gel, the Caya diaphragm and Caya Gel offer you a highly reliable triple protection.

Content: 60 g

Caya Gel ingredients:

  • lactic acid
  • sodium lactate
  • methyl cellulose
  • sorbic acid
  • water

Caya Contraceptive Gel
16.85 £

incl. VAT and Shipping - Product available - Delivery time: 2-3 days*

Caya Gel is a highly effective contraceptive gel based on lactic acid. It is the ideal complement to the Caya ...



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