Shipping & Payment

Protecting Your Sanity

We hope that you find buying a product with us is a smooth and simple process. We aim to use photographs and text that is true to the product you will receive, with clear product descriptions and pictures. Our prices and shipping fees are transparent, and we do not add hidden fees. If you feel that a product is misrepresented on our sites, let us know. If we can, we will work to fix it.

Shipping Your Order

You want your order quickly. We want to make you happy. (Plus we benefit from clearing space in our busy warehouse!) So rest assured, we ship out your order as quickly as possible. Orders are shipped with tracked and signed service. This method drastically reduces the number of shipments lost in transit and allows you to inspect and sign for your order before accepting it. You will receive your tracking number after your order is shipped. All packages must be signed for upon receipt.

Boring Boxes

When we ship your order it will look very boring. Really. We use plain cardboard boxes with no pictures, logos or visible publicity. Why? Because discreet packaging protects your privacy! This also opens up more options to have your package delivered to a family member, friend, or even a work address.

Signing For Your Package

You will need to sign for your order when it is delivered. What are you agreeing to when you scribble your signature on the bottom of that slip of paper? Let's clarify. When you sign for a package you are agreeing that the package you received is in good condition. It is best practice to take a few seconds and open your package, damaged or otherwise, to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition. You have the right to reject the package if it arrives smashed, bashed, wet, opened, or in any condition that makes you think your products might be damaged or missing. If your order is damaged, don’t sign. Simply state that you reject the package because it was damaged in transit. Why is this important? When you buy online, you expect to receive your purchase in good condition and that's the way it should be. But if you sign for a package and then try to make a retroactive claim that the postal service damaged your package, they will most likely pull out a copy of your signature stating that you received your package in good condition. So, bottom line: inspect your package and never sign for a damaged package.

No One Home To Sign?

If a delivery is attempted but no-one is home to sign for the order, a notice card should be left by the delivery company. All too often we hear that these cards were hard to find or were not left at all. This is when your tracking number becomes important. If you suspect your order is taking longer than it should, call the delivery company or track your order online. You can find out if a delivery attempt was made, and you can arrange for redelivery or in-person collection of your package. Please do your best to have your order delivered to an address where someone will be present to sign for the package. As our packaging is discreet, many customers choose to have their orders sent to a friend, neighbour, or work address, where it is more likely someone will be available to sign. If you give your email or a mobile phone number when you placed your order some delivery services may call, SMS, or email you with updates on your package and options for rescheduling delivery.

Wrong Or Incomplete Address

When you are filling out your delivery details, typos sometimes happen. We get it! You won't be the first or the last to forget to fill in a house number or slip up with your post code. If you quickly realise the address is incorrect or incomplete just hit reply to the automatic order confirmation email and let us know how to correct the error. By replying to that email all the details of our exchange are together in one easily trackable conversation. If you don't notice the address issue, you probably won’t become aware until your expected package was not delivered. At that point, you’ll probably contact the delivery company with your tracking number and hopefully you’ll be able to negotiate the address correction or an in-person collection.

Undelivered And Returned Packages

We know you are anxious to receive the products you've ordered. (And for good reason, we are confident you are going to love them!) But sometimes, an order is placed and no one signs to accept it. So the undelivered package sits waiting and is eventually returned to us, the sender. It is usually quite a long process before an undelivered package is returned to us as these returns are not prioritized by the delivery company. If we do receive your undelivered package, we will attempt to contact you and present two principal options. The first is to resend your order to a new address. However, because the delivery company will charge us for posting your package again, we will request a nominal reshipment fee from you. The second option is to refund your order, excluding the original shipping fee already paid to the delivery company.

Force Majeure, Acts of God, Or Occurrences Beyond Our Reasonable Control

As much as we hope your order arrives in good time, we can not be responsible for delays or failures that are a result of occurrences beyond our reasonable control, whatever the source or cause. This includes delays due to extreme weather or industry strike resulting in shipping delays.