Getting Started

Hi! Welcome to the Daysy family!

We’re glad you’re here. Tracking your fertility with Daysy is going to be easy, but like with every new beginning, there’s a few things to know before you get started. Please remember it’s natural to feel a little unsure of things at first, but soon you and Daysy will come to know each other closely, and you’ll love the newfound knowledge of your cycle and fertility!


Before you begin:

  • If you’re on hormonal birth control, you must stop before using Daysy. You can start temping the day after you’ve quit. Remember – the first bleeding after stopping HBC is a hormonal withdrawal bleeding, not a true period, so please do not enter it into your Daysy as a menstruation.
  • Plug your Daysy in to charge, doing it overnight before temping the next morning is great, so you’ll be all ready to unplug and temp tomorrow when you wake. The charge should then last 1-2 months!
  • If you’re currently menstruating, and it’s not the first day of your period, please do not enter menstruation for this cycle. Menstruation always needs to be entered starting on the first day of active bleeding and flow. You don’t want Daysy thinking the third or fourth day of your period is actually the first.
  • If you’re sick with a fever, hungover, or didn’t sleep well last night, please do not temp, and take good care of yourself! You can temp again when these issues have passed.
  • It’s exciting to get Daysy and you want to start now, but first sleep! You can temp with Daysy tomorrow after getting at least 3-4 hours of solid sleep.


How to measure in 3 steps:

  1. While lying down, immediately upon waking, after 3-4 consecutive hours of sleep, take the cap off Daysy, and presss the button once to turn Daysy on. Press the button once more to see the blue rotating lights (temperature taking mode). Place the sensor in one of the side pockets under your tongue, with your mouth closed. No need to over-insert or push too hard. Keep it comfy!
  2. Daysy will swirl the blue lights while taking your temperature (usually takes around 1 minute) and wait to hear the little "beep beep" from Daysy telling you that your reading was captured.
  3. Check out your fertility indicator light from Daysy, which pops up on your device as soon as your reading is finished! If you aren’t sure if a successful temp was captured, you can double check by trying to go back into temperature reading mode. If it doesn’t let you go into temp mode again, then a successful temp was already captured for the day!


How to enter menstruation on Daysy in 3 steps:

  1. After you’ve taken your reading for the day, hold down the button until you hear a beep and see the green petal and solid violet lights come on in the activation ring.
  2. Enter menstruation for at least 3 consecutive days when you’re having active bleeding and flow. No need to enter menstruation when having light spotting/staining.
  3. If you need to edit menstruation within the 3-day editable window, please check out the FAQ below or the tutorial!


How to synchronize in 3 steps:

  1. Open the app and press the activation button to turn on your Daysy.
  2. Press Daysy’s button twice to activate Bluetooth®.
  3. Synchronization begins and imports any new data since your last sync!




What to do vs. what not to do:


  • Temp regularly after at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep and immediately after waking up.
  • Remove cap before temping.
  • Enter menstruation only on days of active, bright red flow, making sure cycle day 1 is always correct.
  • Enter at least three consecutive days of menstruation.
  • Charge Daysy every 1-2 months for uninterrupted use.
  • Clean Daysy before and after every use.
  • Store Daysy in a hard case (hard sunglass cases work great!) to protect her from children and pets.
  • Contact us via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns!

Don’t Do:

  • Do not temp when you have a fever, have an infection, or are unwell.
  • Do not temp the morning after drinking alcohol.
  • Do not use Daysy while on hormonal birth control.
  • Do not enter menstruation on days that you have spotting or light staining.
  • Do not use Daysy if your cycles consistently go beyond 40 days.
  • Do not stress! You’ve got this!

Daysy versus the DaysyDay graphic:

  • Daysy stores your data, does all of your fertility calculations, gives your fertility indicators, and allows you to edit menstruation for up to 3 days.
  • Since Daysy stores all of your data, you don’t have to sync every day – only when you feel like seeing your cycle information within the app.
  • DaysyDay shows you your calendar view, cycle statistics, temperature curve, and allows you to make notes about cervical mucus, sexual intercourse, and more.
  • Syncing with DaysyDay requires you initiating Bluetooth®. It’s not always searching, so it’s not always emitting radiation to protect you while you’re sleeping.
  • Syncing with DaysyDay means your data is backed up on our private and secure server. Your data is safe and never sold. You can read our privacy policy here.


Our most common FAQs are below:

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Does illness reduce the reliability of the device?

How do I enter or edit menstruation?


  • Wanting to learn even MORE about Daysy? Check out the tutorials, more FAQs, and links (App Store, Google Play) to download the companion app to Daysy.

  • Need help? Our customer support team can help!